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Heat Log Bales (Shimada/Pini Kay)

Our shimada heat logs are a fantastic fuel. They burn extremely hot and for a very long time. 

Heatlogs are a by-product of the sawmill industry consisting of nothing more than sawdust, which has been dried then compacted under high pressure and heat. 

During this process Lignin (a natural component of wood) is produced in liquid form and when cooled solidifies, binding the wood together in its new form with no need for adhesives or chemicals to be added.

The key benefits of heat logs are that they have extremely high heat and have a long burn time with virtually no smoke.

You can also purchase bulk quantities of our heat logs by visiting our Briquettes page.

Heat Log Bales (Shimada/Pini Kay)


  • Purchase a bale of 12 heats logs which offer high heat and a long burn time.

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