We only supply the finest hardwood logs for your Stove, Open Fire, Fire Pit, Pizza Oven

or even your Spa!


All of our Firewood is Kiln Dried to below 18% moisture

Ask your delivery driver to test it in front of you!

Whats the difference in the type of logs we sell?

Silver Birch - Lights easily due to its paper like bark and gives a off good heat with little smoke. Burns quicker  than Oak or Ash as its not a dense. Birch is the cheapest of the hardwoods we sell

Oak - Improved heat over Birch and has a delightful smell. Oak is in the mid price range and burns longer than Birch

Ash - Some say Ash is the "wood of kings". Ash is a highly dense wood and it burns the longest and hottest     

Silver Birch